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Vikings War of Clans is an App created by Plarium LLC for iOS and Google Play. The game is one of a number of new MMO games to hit mobile gaming and is similar to games such as Game of War, Dawn of Titans and Mobile Strike.

Vikings War of Clans Data is a fan site dedicated to providing you with all the resources and data tables you need to plan your town and be successful in Vikings War of Clans. We hope to provide you with a fully comprehensive database, providing you with all the information you could ever need on the game.

We have also included a selection of guides designed for beginners and veteran players. If you have any suggestions, or requests please feel free to leave a comment below.


  1. Hi,

    Great site, very usefull information.
    I have a question about the restore saved account it seems not to be possible to switch between 2 accounts with the restore saved from facebook or google play.
    Does anybody know if its possible to do it this way?

  2. Hi,

    Really nice work with this site.
    I got one question maybe you know something about. I notice that when we go to Help clansman menu some players has different amount of slots available for help. Let’s say there is player one P1 upgrading some knowledge to lvl 3 and has 0/20 on the other hand player P2 upgrading whatever has 0/16. Do you know how can we upgrade the amount of slots available?
    I was looking for this some time and come to conclusion that the level of the Hero and the influence and the level of the Palace doesn’t mater. Any idea

  3. Please explain the difference between health, offense, defense and how they work during a battle, like this, but for Vikings. Insidegameofwar

    Many thanks.

  4. I need to no if there is a other way to buy packs,don’t want to take my card nr,I’m from South Africa

  5. Does anyone have a good graphic of the map grid to show newbs the PoP, forest and maybe gridlines to the 100s?

  6. Hi
    Can anyone please help with the messages. all the writing is going into another format then putting what I I type at the end of it. This seemed to have occurred after updating.

    Thanks for and assistance you can give

  7. Hello was playing this game on my iPad then it died for good can’t get back on it .Is there anyway to log on to it or do I have to start all over again ?

  8. Is the moderator for this website still active?

  9. I know to share coordinates in my kingdom, you post x:y but is there a way to share coordinates to another kingdom?

  10. Need to update the list of invaders and what gems, materials and resource the drop.

  11. So I’ve never figured out what the ‘profit’ section on the packs meant. Is that just how much the stuff in the pack is worth in gold? or do you get extra that amount in gold along with the gift of gold amount?

    • Hay bubble gum I figured it out the profit is extra simply divide the profit by the % it also has the number usually u get to like 18k for the 20 $ packages

  12. legend warrior queen

    i am in need of some help i am creating a list of invader equipment and i and struggling to find them all, i have invader and what material it drops but having a hard time finding out exactly what equipment piece goes with each invader as a set any help at all will be greatly appreciated

  13. IDK if anyone still reads the comments…But people are still playing Vikings and I wish your site was updated. I learned a lot from ya’ll. Please come back!!

  14. There a lot of new people joining this game. Would love some tutorial on the dynamics of a clan and the responsibilities associated such as War Elder, Diplomat, Farmer Elder, etc. Amazing site.

  15. If yall know of any good info English line groups for the game can you add me please. I played gow for a long time and am just starting this. My line id is Zack325

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