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We are looking for players to help update our Vikings War of Clans data tables. If you would like to get involved with the management of our site and would be willing to help update our building and knowledge data, please get in touch with us here.

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Got an article you want to share with the Vikings War community? We are looking for experienced players to help share their knowledge with the community.

If you think you have a great guide, or some tips that will help out new and experienced players, please get in touch here and I love to talk to you about writing some guides.

Erik The Red


  1. I’m interested in the mechanics of war and the calculations that occur for reinforcement.

    1) If I send my hero to reinforce do his stats count towards the troops?
    2) Do my knowledge stats count towards the troops I send?
    3) Does troop defense figure into calculations when attacking.

    PS – This is the most incredible site thanks for your incredible efforts!

    • 1) Your hero stats count for your troops on any march as long as you send your hero along. But your hero only counts for the march they are in so if you send 2 marces of reinforcements and just 1 hero that second, heroless, march does not have the back up of hero stats. This is where the hero double is handy.

      2) yes. Knowledge counts for all troops

      3) yes. Troop defense, offense and health all count when attacking or defending.

    • Your hero points count yes . They assist the person your reinforcing ..
      your knowledge stats I.e the 131% when defence is leven 10 in military tree section . The knowedge learned is the flat amount that the troop goes to battle with the extra % gained by hero gear is only active for the troops supported by the hero on the attack. defence figures in when attacking . It’s good to get a good balance filling both health and defence tabs in hero skills 1.and 2. Both tabs then a good balance on troop or troops of choice this gives maximum ability from troops defence and attack

  2. I’m not sure if this is the right place to post this: Can we make the Chiefs Chat a permanent thing? It is very hard in my kingdom to stay clued into what the largest clan is doing (battles, events and so on) because they run all that information through a separate app outside of the game. I think we as chiefs need a way to converse inside the game that makes it easy to discuss kingdom issues, upcoming events, and strategy for KVK and other kingdom wide competitions. The chiefs chat is a perfect solution to this problem. As of right now, I and my clansmen are breaking rules that the largest clan set down and not knowing it, because there is no way for myself or other members to get that information on the game.

  3. So I did some Updating on the Item and Invader Drops and would like to send it to you but i don’t want to give you my email information….

  4. Just emailed you the new invader items using the spreadsheet export from your tool with hope that they are added into your tables. 4 new invaders and I think their names are as follows:
    1) Vulture(?) (items with onslaught attack focused)
    2) Guardsman(?) (items with invader hunt focused)
    3) Saracen(?) (items with troops attack focused)
    4) Lynx(?) (items with troops defense focused)

  5. Hi there so this is a wonderful site that helps a lot but as I also play Throne: Kingdom at War I was wondering if there is another sire like this made up?

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