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Below you will find a list of tips and guides to help you master Vikings War of Clans.

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  1. I want to have two towns on same device..

    • use computer or another device to make seconds account save to second email then load both emails on one device use restore account from menu and ur dne

  2. I want to be able to have two separate towns later on same device so far the game is not allowing me to do this. Please help. Thank you

  3. @Kelly
    It’s impossible to have it on the same device. As it links to your Game Center ID/device ID.

  4. Cant you just change your game center account if you want to have two towns on same device. You just need to switch between the gamecenter accounts thats all.

  5. there is an app called parallel space that allows you to have 2 accounts on 1 device.

    *Note this app only works on some devices

  6. All you need to do is make an account on each device. When you link the accounts. Do one with Facebook and the other with Google. I switch between my 2 accounts all day long. Just restore your Facebook complete your daily tasks then restore your Google account. Your info is saved real-time on their server so no worries about losing anything.

    Your welcome

  7. Hello ! I have a game started on my iPad and it died ?. Is there anyway to play it or do I have to start all over again?

  8. Where do I find the vikings war of clans game id to send a support ticket. Please help!

  9. I’m having trouble linking accounts .got a new phone same number..I click menu and nothing happens

  10. Thankfulness to my father who stated to me regarding this blog, this weblog is truly awesome.

  11. I want Playdium to reimburse me for the money the took while not providing the package I bought. At least I’d like to hear from customer support or iTunes. I’m not flushing anymore money down the toilet.

    • All you have to do to get the items you paid for, is to let them know. They will send you a reply email that asks for a screan shot of your receipt. Once they verify the sale, they fix it and your all set.

  12. how do i find out my gamer ID ..??

  13. I hv 2 accounts on one device 1 is linked to 1 Google account and the other is linked to a different Google account (easy to switch bk and forth), I also linked them to 2 separate FB accounts in case anything happens to my Google accounts, but can’t get it to let me make a 3rd account to link to my 3rd Google/FB what do I do?

    • Tia, you could try to create your 3rd Google account first. Clear your game data, cache etc. I even uninstalled on my device, reinstall. When game starts up choose the 3rd account.
      I have 3 on one device.

  14. bonjour j’ai commencé a jouer sur pc. je souhaite continuer sur tablette android. commencer transferer ma partie pc vers la tablette sans perdre l’avancement du jeu. merci

  15. my account is on my Iphone and linked in facebook. I want to change the facebook account. How can I do this?

  16. How do you create a contact? and do you have to download war of clans onto a mobile device?

  17. what is the difference between sending troops and espionage?

  18. What is clan purge and what is a clan bank

  19. Hi,
    its possible to transfer an android account to another player?
    I know that it isnt possible easy cause the acc is fixed to the googleaccount, but maybe there will be a way to do it nevertheless? Maybe you can post a walkaround?
    that would be great!

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