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Vikings War of Clans | Guides | 10 Tips Every New Player Should Know

Vikings War of Clans Title Screen

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In this guide I have put together 10 Vikings War of Clans tips that all new players should know:-

1. How to Teleport to Another Kingdom

A lot of new player’s don’t realize that when you start a new game you are automatically dumped in a random kingdom. Usually by the time you understand this, you have already upgraded your Palace past level 5, at which point you are permanently bound to your current kingdom.

This means if your friends have started in a different kingdom, you will never be able to play with them again! This differs to similar games such as Lords Mobile, where you can move kingdoms at any time.  The reason for this game mechanic is to stop high influence players from porting to a brand new kingdom, shortly after it opens and dominating the place of power.

You can only teleport to another kingdom before you reach Palace level 6. To do this you click on the world map, choose a kingdom and then find an empty tile. If you click on this tile you will receive the option to teleport there, which requires a Novice’s Relocation (granted to all new players). You can only do this once, so make sure it is the correct kingdom.

2. What is the Place of Power?

The Place of Power is located right at the center of a kingdom. You can get to yours by going to the world map and then reentering your kingdom. The chief of the clan that holds the Place of Power becomes the Konung (ruler of the kingdom).

The Konung receives a daily bonus each day he holds the Place of Power, which grants 10% of the silver from every Clan chief in the kingdom and 20,000 prowess points. He can also give out 16 reputes to any Jarl in the kingdom. A repute is a buff that can be placed on any player and lasts for 7 days. Some can be positive, granting boosts to troop stats and resource production, others can be negative reducing stats.

To capture the Place of Power your clan must first attack it, defeating the current Konug’s troops. You must then hold the place of power for 6 hours. Once it has been captured it will be locked down and protected for 24 hours.

3. How to Increase Your Invader Level

You need to increase your Invader level in order to attack higher level invaders on the map. You do this by learning knowledge in your Oracle . Under the Invader knowledge tab you will see there are six skills called “unlock invaders” ranging from level 1 to level 6.

You need to learn each of these skills in order to attack the next level invader.

4. What is the Hero’s Double?

In Vikings War of Clans the hero’s double is an item that creates a copy of your hero. The hero’s double has all of the same skills and equipment as your main hero. Any experience your hero’s double earns, is added to your main hero. This is unlocked via the Shrine of Odin.

The advantage of having two heroes, is it allows you to send out two separate marches, or onslaughts, against other players, with both benefiting from your hero’s bonuses.

5. What Happens When I Run Out of Food?

When your troop upkeep exceeds your food production, your town will fall into negative food production. This will mean your food supplies slowly reduce down to zero. However, your troops will not die, or be negatively impacted in any way whilst you sit at zero food.

The only downside of having negative food production in Vikings War of Clans, is that it makes it harder to upgrade buildings, train troops and learn new knowledge.

6. What is an Onslaught?

In Vikings War of Clans an onslaught is similar to a normal attack, except your clan members can join you. You can set up an onslaught by clicking on another Jarl you wish to attack. The target must be in a clan, or have a town level of 15+ to start your onslaught.

You can then a set a timer between 8 minutes and 8 hours before your troops attack. This allows time for other clan members to donate warriors for your attack. The donated warriors will march to your town ready for the onslaught. All warriors in the onslaught will take on your hero’s stats and boosts.

7. What is a Fake or Ghost Onslaught?

A fake onslaught is a method of protecting your troops from attacks on your town. You simply set an 8 hour onslaught as explained above, but you actually have no intention of attacking your target.

You need to remember to log back in within 8 hours and then cancel your onslaught.

Whilst the onslaught timer is counting down all of your troops will be moved to the safety of your War Bloc and will be completely protected from attacks on your town!

This was removed in a game update and unfortunately no longer works!

8. How can I Trade Resource with my Clan?

You can trade resources with your clan using a Market. Simply click on your market and a list of clan members will appear. Here you can choose how much of each resource you want to send to any member of your clan. Note that the resources will be sent out using one of your march slots.

The tax rate is a deduction from the total resources sent and can be reduced by upgrading the level of your market.

9. What is a Jumper Account or Clan?

A jumper account is a player that attempts to progress as far through the game as they can, without going over town level 5. The goal is to jump to a new kingdom shortly after it opens, providing a large head start over the rest of the kingdom.

A jumper clan is a group of players with jumper accounts that form a clan. The goal is for the whole clan to jump to a new kingdom and take the Place of Power, thus becoming the ruling clan for the new kingdom.

10. How do I play the Game on Multiple Devices

First you need to link your game to Facebook, or Game Center. You can then install Vikings War of Clans on another device and select “Account” under the menu screen. Select “Restore Saved Game” and you will be able to restore a game via your facebook, or game center login.

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  1. Who are you guys? :))) What you do is really awesome and usefull. Good Luck!

  2. hi erik,
    i saw “ready to onslought” in the meadhall. Is this mean meadhall can be used for onslought attack like warbloc ?
    The warbloc upgrade is way too expensive because of the golds.

  3. Are you able to cancel onslaughts at all?

  4. joe--->slave2Alicia

    Under clan membership>individual player>action
    There is a “Send Gift” tab. I have never seen this tab highlighted and cannot use it. Any knowledge of this tab and how it works?

    Also, in the Game menu, Last icon…”promo codes” any knowledge of this?

  5. Hello guys
    Great work with the guides. Can anyone here tell me if there is any way to speed up the gathering of resources when attacking? The way to the resources and back is fast but it takes a very long time to actually collect them

    • You can increase yielding spped one hero skills, they’ll collect them faster

    • The higher the level resource tile, the faster it’s yield speed will be. Like Philphilphil said, marches with a hero are faster than without because of hero skills.

  6. Hi How do you tell if your contacts are online?

    • Only elders and clan chief can see uf a clan member is online, if this is your case got to clan>membership and there shiuld be green and red squares on the top right corner of the avatar of each member,(red=offline, green=online)

  7. Can my troops be attacked at resource plots if my town is shielded?

  8. Hi Erik did you use to play evony? I was rototino

  9. Unfortunately I made my troop member as chief in my clan,how I will change that,a n I need to back as me as the chief of my clan

  10. Unfortunately I made my troop member as chief in my clan,how I will change that back as me as the chief of my clan

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