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Vikings War of Clans | Guides | 8 tips to Train Warriors Faster

Vikings War of Clans Knowledge Training Speed

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Whether you are just starting out in Vikings War of Clans, or have been playing since release, the one thing every player can never get enough of are troops. Training troops for your army can be a very time consuming process, so in this guide I look at 8 tips to help you build your warriors faster.

1. Manors Increase Training Speed

Manors are the only building in Vikings War of Clans that actually increase the speed at which you train troops. The training boost you get from manors can end up being the single biggest boost to your training speed in the game. Every manor upgrade level increases your warrior training boost by 1% (up to level 20). In addition going from level 20 to 21 gives a 5% boost, meaning each level 21 manor provides a 25% boost to troop training.

As you can build multiple manors, this can significantly reduces your troop training time. For instance twelve level 21 manors would provide a 300% boost (reducing training times to a quarter of the original time). If you want to build a large army quickly, build lots of manors!

2. Hero Training Speed I & II

Maxing Training Speed I and II in your Hero skills adds a further 120% bonus to troop training speed. This is a must for any serious player focused on warrior training.

You will need to spend 86 points to max both these skills (including prerequisites), which requires a level 30 Hero. Remember you can reset your Hero skills with a Second Chance item which can buy purchased for only 15,000 prowess points in the clan store. This lets you switch between warrior training builds and farming/combat builds.

3. Craft Training Speed Equipment

Just like switching between hero skill specs, you can also switch equipment right before you start training a batch of warriors, to reduce those timers further.  The following equipment has some of the best troop training boosts in Vikings War of Clans:-

Equipment Simple Usual Unusual Rare Epic Legendary
Helm – Plate Helmet 2.5% 5.0% 7.5% 10.0% 12.5% 15.0%
Armor – Steppe Caftan 2.5% 5.0% 7.5% 10.0% 12.5% 15.0%
Weapon – Khazar’s Bow 4.1% 8.3% 12.4% 16.5% 20.6% 24.8%
Boots – None
Accessory 1 – Lion Locket 3% 6% 9% 12% 15% 18%
Accessory 2 – Lion Locket 3% 6% 9% 12% 15% 18%
Total  Boost 15.1%  30.3%  45.4%  60.5%  75.6%  90.8%

A full Legendary set will increase your training boost by 90%.

4. Training Knowledge

Your Oracle also provides you to warrior training speed boosts. Learning Training Speed I, found under the combat knowledge tree, allows you to increase your training speed boost by 20%. This skill has a very small resource and time requirement, so you should aim learn this knowledge as a priority.

In addition there is an entire learning tree dedicated to reducing troop training costs and boosting training speed further. You should try and max as much of the Training knowledge as you can. Further down the training tree you will unlock Training Speed II, providing a further boosts to your warrior training speed.

5. Use Gold to Win Training Competitions

Using gold to train warriors is the quickest method to get a large number of troops. This is because gold allows you to instantly train warriors with no training time.

If you wait until a training competition starts and then use gold, or speed boosts to instantly train warriors, you should be able to win the competition easily. The prizes often mean you recoup a large chunk of the resources and boots you used to train your troops. If you do this carefully you will end up instantly training a large number of troops at little cost.

6. Take Advantage of Kingdom Wide Troop Training Bonuses

When you see a kingdom wide troop training bonus active, take advantage of this by using your time boosts to train large numbers of troops quickly.

A common bonus is a 10% reduction to all warrior training times. By using your time boosts to instantly train troops whilst this bonus is active, it will reduce the number of boosts you need to use to train your troops. Even better would be to combine this with a training competition mentioned in tip number 5.

7. Resources Matter

The four main troop types each require large amounts of one resource, over and above the remaining three resources. Below is a list of troop types and their respective resource type:-

  • Melee – Food
  • Cavalry – Stone
  • Ranged – Wood
  • Killer – Iron

You can use this knowledge to your advantage, by avoiding training warriors that require a large amount of any resource your are low on. You can then carry on training other troop types, whilst restocking on the low resource.

8. Train Warriors 24/7

It probably goes without saying, but as the biggest restraint in building your army is time, you should aim to constantly train troops around the clock. You can achieve this by building more barracks, thus increasing your training queue.

By getting queues in excess of 8 hours, you can make sure you are always training warriors, even when you are fast asleep! This is actually the cheapest and most efficient method to increase your army size.

Tip: Remember that there is no point building a large army, without putting in measures to protect it first. Make sure you have enough Infirmaries  to cover your wounded troops before training a large army. 


In Vikings War of Clans it’s entirely possible to get a training speed boost of between 500%-600% using the above tips. This will reduce your training times down to a 1/6, or 1/7 of their original times respectively. Add in kingdom wide training speed bonuses and you will soon be well on your way to training a large army, quickly!

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  1. Can you tell me what the base, no bonus reduction, times are for each troop?

  2. There is absolutely NO sense in building more than one barracks. ESPECIALLY if you are lvl 21 and over. BECAUSE you gain 1000 extra to train at lol 21. EVERYTHING ELSE NEEDS TO BE MANORS. And hospital s

    • I don’t understand this…explain further…I have alot of barracks and works fine for me..I’m level 25 and able to train 19k troops at a time with training armor as well

  3. If I have a ton of troops, and a lot of food in my vault, will my vault amount continue to go down, if I have enough food produced in my towns? or will it continue to drop until the amount in my vault matches my town capacity?

  4. The best Equipment I’ve found for Training Toops is: Ragnar’s Helmet Legendary 27%; Ivar’s Jacket Legendary 21%; Sweyn’s Flail Legendary 28%; Bjorn’s High Boots Legendary 15%; Sweyn’s Locket Legendary 26%. This is without knowledge boosts etc.

  5. Hi
    Regarding hero sets, activate or reset and save, im so confused on how these work…. HELP

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