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Vikings War of Clans | Guides | Advanced Guide to Troop Level and Type

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In this guide we look at the strengths and weaknesses of the various warrior types and tiers in Vikings War of Clans.

Melee vs Cavalry vs Ranged vs Killer vs Siege

There are five main types of troops in Vikings War of Clans (excluding scouts). Each warrior has a 50% and 25% bonus against two other troop types.  The game also shows that these two troops have a corresponding weakness of 50% and 25% to that warrior.

Please note that these strengths and weakness don’t stack, it’s just the way the game displays it. i.e. Melee have a 50% bonus against Cavalry and Cavalry have a 50% weakness to Melee. This just means Melee are 50% stronger than Cavalry, you don’t add the two together to get 100% bonus.

The troop strengths (green) and weakness (red) are show below going across the table:-

Melee Cavalry Ranged Siege Killer
Melee 50% 25% 50% 25%
Cavalry 50% 50% 25% 25%
Ranged 25% 50% 25% 50%
Siege 50% 25% 25% 50%
Killer 25% 25% 50% 50%

How Knowing Troop Type Helps

In Vikings War of Clans you should always scout a target before attacking, to get an accurate report of the number of each warrior type present. With a detailed scout report you can plan your attack carefully, using the following tips:-

  • If you scout a player and see they have a large number of a single warrior type, you can make the most of this by sending a large number of troops with the corresponding 50% strength.
  • If you know your target has a large number of a single troop type, you can use a second chance on your hero to boost your stats for the opposing warrior.
  • You can also change your hero equipment to boost that stat even further.
  • If you are building an army for general defense, it’s a good idea to build equal numbers of melee, cavalry, ranged, killer and siege. This stops you from being vulnerable to a large deployment of a single warrior type.

What Warrior Type to Send?

When you have trained enough troops to fill your march completely, then sending a single type of troop is almost always better than sending a balanced army.

This is because you can stack a single warrior’s stats much higher, than trying to increase all four evenly. This is still a stronger tactic, even when attacking a balanced army. As most players tend to build equal numbers of each warrior type, a single troop is usually best.

Obviously if you scout another player an see they have a large number of one troop type, then you would send the opposing warrior with the 50% bonus.

Vikings War of Clans L1 vs L2 vs L3 vs L4 vs L5 Troops

You now know that different warrior types have different strengths and weaknesses. You also know it’s better to fill a march with one troop type.

The next important factor to consider is the strength of each level of troop relative each other.

To recap the Vikings War of Clans troops are split into five levels, which include:-

  • Level 1 Troops: Mercenary, Horseman, Archeress, Slayer, Trebuchet.
  • Level 2 Troops: Shieldmaiden, Raider, Nomad, Ripper, Mangonel.
  • Level 3 Troops: Jomsviking, Fury, Hawk, Berserker, Catapult.
  • Level 4 Troops: Legionary, Judicator, Predatress, Demon, Ballista.
  • Level 5 Troops: Fanatic, Huntsman, Cutthroat, Polybolos, Faceless

Each level of troops have the following bonuses over the lower level:-

  • L5 are 22% stronger than L4
  • L4 are 28% stronger than L3
  • L3 are 39% stronger than L2
  • L2 are 69% stronger than L1

Therefore, applying this to troop numbers:-

  • 1 L5 Troop = 1.22 L4 Troops = 1.56 L3 Troops = 2.17 T2 Troops = 3.66 T1 Troops
  • 1 L4 Troop = 1.28 L3 Troops = 1.78 L2 Troops = 3 L1 Troops
  • 1 L3 Troop = 1.39 L2 Troops = 2.35 T1 Troops
  • 1 L2 Troop = 1.69 L1 Troops

Or to look at it another way:-

  • 41,000 L5 Troops = 50,000 L4 Troops =  64,000 L3 Troops = 89,000 L2 Troops = 150,000 L1 Troops

You can use this to work out how many troops you will need to beat your opponent’s army. Please note that this does not take into consideration each players hero troop boosts.


Whilst planning attacks you should scout your target first to determine the number and type of warriors present. You can then check you have enough troops to beat them using the above stats.

Use a second chance on your hero to respect your skills to benefit the bulk of your army. Equip hero equipment that further boosts your attack stats for the same troop type.

Finally, a players influence will give you a rough guide to the amount of knowledge they have and the power of their hero. Be wary of attacking players with much higher influence than you, even if they appear to have a smaller army, as they may have significance troop boosts.

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