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Vikings War of Clans | Guides | Beginners Guide

Vikings War of Clans Loading Screen

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When you are just starting out in Vikings War of Clans, the game can seem a little daunting with so much to build and learn. This guide covers a few important tips that should help you get started.

Novice’s Relocation

All new players are granted a free “Novice’s Relocation”, which will only be available to you until your Palace reaches level 6. This item lets you relocate to another Kingdom. Kingdom’s are effectively different servers that you can play on.

Once you reach Palace level 6 you are permanently bound to your current Kingdom, meaning you will never be able to move again. It is therefore very important that you make sure you are in the kingdom where your friends are, before you go past Palace level 5.

If you are just starting out and have no real preference, you should choose a relatively new kingdom, so that other players in Vikings War of Clans are at a similar level to you.

Change Your Player and Town Name

If you click on the influence button at the top of your screen you will be taken to your profile page, which allows you to change your player name and town name.

All new players start off with one free player rename item and one free town rename item. You should change your name as soon as possible, otherwise you will be known as player_123456, which screams newbie to all other players!

It also helps your clan members get to know you by using a unique name. In a clan full of players that haven’t renamed from the default naming system, it becomes very difficult to identify each other.

Join an Clan

You should join a clan as soon as possible. To start with just join any random clan, as you immediately receive clan tasks which reward you with Hero experience and resources. In addition clan members can help speed up building and learning timers.

Clan chat is also a great place to ask questions, to help you learn the game. Clans also offer protection against attacking Jarls and makes your town less likely to be attacked, as players will be wary of counter attacks from your clan.

Once you get more established you can then look to move clans if you wish.

Link to Facebook

It’s worthwhile linking your game to your Facebook account early on, as it rewards you with 1,000 free gold immediately. If you don’t want to use your main Facebook account, just set up a dummy account for the game.

What to Build

You may find it a little daunting when you first start playing, with all the different buildings and upgrades. A good place to start is by buildings some farms on the right hand side of your town. You will notice you have 25 tiles on the right of the river.

You can build four types of resource generating buildings on these tiles and it’s a good idea to fill all of these as quickly as possible. This allows you to start generating lumber, food, stone and iron passively. You may want to start with a fairly balanced set up to begin with.  Out of the four resource buildings farm are probably the most important whilst levelling, as they produce food for your troops.


In the early levels of Vikings War of Clans you generally can’t go wrong upgrading your buildings in any order, provided you try and keep most of them in line with your Palace. Your Palace determines the overall level of your town and is the cap at which all other buildings can be raised to. You want to start being careful when you hit Palace 5, as mentioned previously once you go above level 5, you lose your Novice’s Relocation.

It’s important to try and be building something at all times, which will help you to progress quicker. When you know you are going to be offline for a longer period of time, try to start some lengthy build timers.

The Oracle and Knowledge

The large purple building next to your Palace is called the Oracle. This is an important building as it gives you access to knowledge. Knowledge can be learnt over time at the cost of resources. If you tap the Knowledge tab in the Oracle, you will see there are 5 different knowledge trees you can learn.

These include:-

  • Economic – increasing your construction speed and resource production rate.
  • Military – provides boosts to warriors and allows you to unlock new troops.
  • Espionage – improves your scouting abilities, to gather intel on other players.
  • Training – allows you to reduce the cost to train troops.
  • Invaders – allows your Hero to attack higher level invaders and improves your Hero’s attack stats against invaders.

Out of the five trees it is best to start learning Economics and Military first. Just like building timers, you should try to keep your learning going 24/7, by setting longer knowledge timers when you log off for extended periods.


You will have probably noticed your Hero leveling up a few times as you upgrade your buildings and complete tasks. If you tap your Hero’s picture you will see there are two different skill trees. The first allows you to increases your town’s productions stats and troop stats. The right hand side of this tree provides economic boosts and the left hand side is for combat.

To start with you should head down the right hand side, as this will increase your resource production, construction speed and learning speed. This is important to help you grow. Out of all the skills you should try to max Building I & II and Learning I & II first, as these will significantly reduce your build and learning timers.

Don’t worry, once you get to higher levels you can easily respec your Hero tree and take the combat skills on the left hand side. The invaders tree is not so important in the early parts of the game, but try to max out single skills, rather than spreading your points out over multiple abilities as the rewards scale at higher levels.


If you have followed the above tips you should be off to a good start in Vikings War of Clans. Next you can start thinking about building an army, but for now just keep upgrading your buildings and increasing your knowledge!


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