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Vikings War of Clans Hero

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In Vikings War of Clans your hero skills make a huge difference to your offensive, defensive and economic stats. Choosing where to spend your points can be tricky. This guide looks at two different Hero builds, one for leveling and one for defense.

Leveling Hero Build

The leveling build should be your default set up any time you are not at war. This build will help you upgrade buildings, learn new knowledge and train troops quicker. This build is the fastest way to gain influence quickly.

Building and Learning Speed

To start with you will want to max Building I and Learning Speed I. This will take up your first 20 skill points, but will grant you a 40% boost to your learning and building speed. These are two of the most important skills whilst leveling, as they reduce the timers for all your building upgrades and knowledge.

Next you will want to head straight for Building II and Learning II. These skills can be found down the right hand side of the skill tree. You will need to spend a further 29 points to get there, which includes the follows:-

  • 3 points in Food Production I, Stone Production I and Silver Production I.
  • 5 points in Resources Yield I, Food Production II, Lumber Production II and Silver Production II.

You will need a level 21 hero to max out all of the above. You should then max Building II and Learning II, costing a further 40 points. This will require a level 30 Hero. Each of these skills adds a further 60% to your building and learning speed.

At this point you will have a 100% boost to both learning and building speeds, which will reduce all of your upgrade and knowledge timers in half.

Training Speed

From hero level 30 onward you want to try and max out both Training Speed I and Training Speed II down the left hand side of the skill tree.

To get to Training Speed I you will need to put 3 points in Total Offensive and then you can go ahead and sink 15 points in Training Speed I, increasing your troop training speed by 30%. You then want to work your way down the left hand side to Training Speed II. You will need to spend the following points to get there:-

  • 3 points in Melee Offense I and Cavalry Offense I.
  • 5 points in Siege Offense I, Total Health I, Total Defense I, Melee Offense II, Ranged Offense II and Killer Offense II.

All of the above will cost a further 36 points, which will require a level 41 Hero. Maxing out Training Speed II requires a further 35 points (Level 45 Hero), but provides a 90% boost to troop training speed. Overall you will now have a 120% boost to warrior training speed, reducing training times by over a half!

Level 45 to 50

For the final 5 levels I suggest sinking as many points into the food production skills as possible (starting with the highest level skills), which will help you to stay out of negative food production.

This is the ultimate Vikings War of Clans leveling hero build.

Defense Hero Build

You may want to switch to a defensive build during clan kill events, you can do this by purchasing a second chance item in the clan store for 15,000 loyalty points. For defensive setups you can completely ignore the right hand side of the hero skill tree.  The important abilities include troop health and total defense, as these boosts are applied to all troops.

Troop Health I and Total Defense I

The first two skills you want to max will be Troop Health I and Total Defense I, each providing a 15% boost to troop health and defense. You will need a level 20 hero to max both of these, including the minimum requirements to get there which are:-

  • 1 point in Building I and Learning Speed I
  • 3 points in Total Offense, Training Speed I, Melee Offensive I and Cavalry Offensive I
  • 5 points in Siege Offensive I

You can then max out Troop Health I and Total Defense I for a further 30 points.

You will need a level 20 Hero to get this far and it will cost you 49 skill points.

Troop Health II and Total Defense II

Next you want to head straight for Troop Health II and Total Defense II. To get there you will need to spend the following skill points:-

  • 3 points in Melee Offense I and Cavalry Offense I.
  • 5 points in Siege Offense I, Total Health I, Total Defense I, Melee Offense II, Ranged Offense II, Killer Offense II and Training Speed II.

Finally you can sink a further 100 points into Troop Health II and Total Defense II. You will need a level 44 Hero to get this far.

Level 45 to 50

I would suggest sinking the rest of your points into one troop offensive stat. Go straight for the level II skill and max out as far as you can with your remaining points.

This set up is the perfect Vikings War of Clans defensive Hero skill build for protecting your town and warriors.

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  1. Now please tell me, if I was to attack for exemple, does both attack and defense stats come into plays or does only attack points matter in this ? Same if I were about to be attacked, would only defense points taken into account or both attack / defense points ?
    If you or any player has an answer, pls share it ASAP, I’ll be really grateful to u lads 🙂

    • I don’t believe there is a difference between attacking, or defending. i.e. When you attack your attack stat goes against the defenders defense stat to determine how many of the defenders troops die. At the same time the defenders attack stat goes against the attackers defense stat to see how many of the attackers troops die.

      • Okaaay I’m glad you answered mate :))
        That must be one of the best answer I got so far, so I’ll deal with it 😉
        I’ll keep asking around to know how a battle really works though, and tell ya if I get new interesting infos !
        Cheers to your website by the way, super work !!!

  2. Robert lajambe

    what about when attacking invaders?

  3. How do I find Hero’s Skills, and how do I change them.

  4. Thank you very much.

  5. How do you get more hero points after you are maxed out in level in 50

  6. Good day. I want to know when i attack someone my gear type is it better to set for defence or health or otherway around. Then the same for when i get attacked. When I reinforce someone my gear type better to be defence or health. This is for Vikings War of Clans. Thank you hope I can get some more info about this.

  7. I’m wondering how you acquire more hero skill points?

    • If I may reply. By doing personal task, clan task and premium tasks. By killing invadors. Also if you can create invador equipment for hero with Hero Experience boost and get a 25% Hero Experience booster for 24 Hour in Item store. I hope this will help you.

  8. Can someone explain how defense works. I was attacked by 338/? berserkers and I lost 3,006 troops defending against them. My losses of resources was very minimal but troop loss was massive. My hero is level 41 and his is 48.

  9. Does 25%, 50% 100%, etc. March bonus also apply to hero march? Also, does the bonus also apply to the return because it seems that the return of troops is slower. Do they consider March and return two different march types?

  10. How to set multiple Hero sets?? I’ve opened up 3 additional slots…but can’t figure out how to save each one individually. I’m simply trying to set up my normal farming/defense set…& an attack set.

    • Save your current set and then go to the items, bonuses, SECOND CHANCE. You will reset all of your skill points ( possible to make a resource set or a battling set) and then save that set in the next slot. Now you will have your original set and your newly created set. Then even make a third for whatever (battle type points used or something). To switch from set to set also requires a bonus or gold

  11. Anyone know why invader’s lairs take so much longer than resource locations? Can I speed it up with knowledge, and if so which ones?

  12. So I have a clans member that was asking about hero reset. His Hero is lvl 34 powered at 1,000. 49 main skills and 11 against invaders not claimed and used towards anything. from my knowledge he says he didn’t reset his hero. Question is How do you use it and what happens exactly?

    Also Hes already unlocked all of his military and now he has to reunlock some if not all of them. What happened?

  13. What is energy items? New in the game.

  14. how do you save hero sets

  15. I disagree with this. The best hero sets start at the bottom & fill toward the top. That gives max increases for the least points

  16. Heroes levels reach 60, please update this article.

  17. Is there really any difference between personal tasks and clan tasks?

  18. I cant seem to equip my hero? I click on the hero tab and then on Odins helmet (hero’s level 2). I have the option to dismantle and ‘Equip Hero’, but this button is not selectable?

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