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Vikings War of Clans | Guides | How to Protect Your Troops

Vikings War of Clans Troop Defense

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Troop protection is an important strategy to advance quickly in Vikings War of Clans. Warriors take a large amount of resources to train and build, so limiting their deaths is a key to progression. This guide covers the various types of troop protection.

Peace Treaty

The best method for protecting your warriors is to activate a peace treaty. A peace treaty can be bought in the gold and clan store (although you are restricted to an 8 hour peace treaty in the clan store). Once activated your town is completely protected from all incoming attacks. A peace treaty is the only method to fully protect all of your resources.

The downside is you can’t attack, or scout any other players, otherwise the peace treaty will drop. It also costs a large amount of gold to have peace treaties active 24/7 (and therefore money). They are still very useful during kingdom vs kingdom wars and for times when you have large stockpiles of resources.

Reinforcing a Clan Member

The next best type of protection for your troops after using your own peace treaty, is to send your warriors to another clan member who has a peace treaty active. By reinforcing another player’s town, your troops will be housed in their Mead Hall. As long as their peace shield remains active, your troops will be protected.

Upgrading the Mead Hall increases the troop capacity a player can hold. Note that only one march per player can be sent to another player. It’s important to ask the clan member when their peace shield is set to expire, so you can make other arrangements for your troops when it runs out. If your troops remain there after the peace treaty expires, your warriors will be venerable to attack.

Fake Onslaught -No longer true as of April 16

In Vikings War of Clans an onslaught is used to combine forces with other clan members, in order to attack an enemy Jarl. A fake onslaught is a method of exploiting this system to protect some of your troops. When you set an onslaught you can choose any time between 8 minutes and 8 hours, before your troops leave your town.

Whilst your warriors wait for the onslaught timer to run down, they are completely protected from any attacks on your town. You can use this to your advantage by filling up an onslaught with your own warriors and setting an 8 hour timer. This will protect all of your troops until the timer runs out. At this point you can login and cancel the onslaught, before setting a new 8 hour timer.

Note that in order for this to work you need to target another player in a clan, or a Jarl of town level 15+. You can also only protect one full march of troops, which will be dependent on your Shrine of Odin level.


Infirmaries provide the final line of defense against attacks on your town. Provided your infirmary bed numbers are higher than your troop numbers, none of your troops will be killed during an attack. Reviving warriors in your infirmaries is much quicker and costs significantly less resources than training new troops.

So how many troops can you protect? Well a level 21 Infirmary provides 20,000 beds. If you go for a pure infirmary setup, you can potentially have 13 infirmaries and still have room for one of each building type. This would provide you with beds for 260,000 warriors at level 21.


If you combine the infirmary bed capacity of 260,000, with a full march protected by a fake onslaught of 120,000, you can protect 380,000 troops in Vikings War of Clans without having to activate a peace treaty.

You should note that whilst this will protect your troops, it will not protect your resources. If you have resources in excess of your vault capacity, then you will need to send the excess to a clan member with a peace treaty active to protect them

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  1. Are you sure about the onslaughts protecting troops? In Menu->How To Play->Onslaughts, it says that troops participating in an onslaught also protect the town.

  2. Thru experimentation and experience, fake onslaughts do NOT protect your troops. If you set an onslaught, and get hit before it matches, those troops fight.

  3. harvey hensarling

    they need to amend theirs as well this wasn’t the right move for them to make in my opinion especially without giving out a notice this game compared to some others Ive played they appear to ne either rookies or part time devs at any rate Im NOThappy about the change

    • I agree.

      I’m pretty sure protected troops in an onslaught/rally/deployment in games such as this, game of war and mobile strike were originally an unintended bug in the game, but the developers soon realised it was actually a great feature for dedicated players that didn’t have the money for shields, to protect some troops.

      And so it remains in the other games.

      Removing it in Vikings war of clans is in my opinion a big mistake, the only reason they could have for doing so is to try to get more players to buy peace treaties.

      There is a very fine balance in all the freemium games between what you can get with out spending real money vs the advantages from spending money.

      Tipped too far in either direction and the game will ultimately fail.

      Removing safe troop ins onslaughts was in my opinion a tip in the wrong direction.

  4. I play this game about one year and it was always impossible to hide troops in fake onslaught, so I think you should change this information because players can lose all their troops because of this intrue advice

  5. Hi,I want to buy gold pack,I’m from South Africa,why don’t it was a take my card no, Thanks

  6. Hi there, your missing the walk about method.
    Send your troops across the map to an inactive town in attack mode. If your going to sleep for 8 hours find a town that takes 4 hours to travel there. So the round tip will be a total of 8 hours.
    Same can be done for spies scouting an inactive city across the map.
    If your clan runs a protected bank for resources you can also send resources there and leave your town unshielded.

  7. Question: when scouting POP what info does the successful attacker get? How many troops each member has or only total troops

  8. Can anyone tell me what happens to your hero skills when you reinforce somebody. Do you keep your own skills or take on the skills of the jarl that you are reinforcing??

  9. Will my shield / Peace Treaty be deactivated if I Send troops for reinforcement to a Clan member?

    • No, the only time your peace treaty drops when reinforcing a team member is during your sending troops to join an Onslaught. But in each case where it will drop your shield you should get a notification before to confirm you wish to take such action and how much shield time you’ll lose.

  10. Only been playing since Sunday, but I did a fake onslaught and was attacked. All my troops were fine except my stalkers, but at least they all landed in the infirmaries. Are stalkers not able to be added onslaughts?

  11. Hi I am a new player nearly a month with level 21.
    I have built nearly 200,000 to accommodate my troops. In the past, I did not know the protection, I have nearly 100,000 dead troops in resurrection room.
    My first question, what do you mean by a pure infirmary? Is that mean that no dead troops in the resurrection room? Or still 199,000 live soldiers be protected while not counting the dead soldiers?

    Now I have other members want to park their reinforcements in my village? Do I have consider them as my troops against availability of beds in Infirmaries?


  12. If you are reinforced by a clansmen, when an attack happens any troops of the clansmen will go to their own infirmary as resurrection troops. Only your own troops have a chance to be healed, upto your infirmary limit amount. Any of your troops over that limit will be shown in the resurrection option.
    Not sure what is meant by pure infirmary.

    • Oh just reread above. And the pure infirmary quote is about your town layout.
      As in if you have mostly infirmaries instead of manors.
      For example if your a heal and reuse troops player you would have lots of infirmaries.

  13. Any level player can have more then 5 infirmaries. If you have built more manors or barracks then you want, then you can demolish one or more to make room for another infirmary.
    *Note a level 21 infirmary only protects upto 20,000 troops and lvl 22 25,000 troops for healing.
    Most people will have more troops then that. Say you have 7 infirmaries at lvl 21 thats only 140,000 troops. Not enough for a large army. So what do most people do? They have one or two infirmaries and fill the rest of the spots with manors for speeding up troop building.

  14. Can someone tell me what is the best over-all balance in the required amount of each buildings.
    For example….
    How many infirmaries is best for large armies.
    How many Manor fr training ??
    How many barracks is needed ?
    I have 6 farms, 6 mine, 6 Lumber and 6 Stone… is this too much ???
    thank you so much 🙂

  15. Hello, I’m new to the game. I was looking through one of the menu items and I see a workshop tab. When I cliked it, it gave me a message that I don’t have a workshop. So, I go into my building tab and there are four buildings I can build but 4 bland spaces. No workshop. What do I need to be able to build a workshop? Thanks for any help you can give me.

    • In order to build a workshop just click on a blank spot on the ground near the palace, then choose workshop.

  16. Hi, I have a question about resurrection, if your town was attacked and you lost say 240,000 troops and your infirmary limit was only 140,000 would the remaining 100,000 all go to resurrection are would it only be 70% of them like when you lose troops outside of your town. Also is there a cap on how many troops the resurrection section of the infirmary can hold.

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