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Vikings War of Clans | Guides | Part 5 – Playing a Trap Account

Vikings War of Clans How to Use a trap Account

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This is the final guide in my five part series on how to build a trap account in Vikings War of Clans. Part 1  – covered Buildings, Part 2 – Hero Skills and Equipment, Part 3 – Knowledge and Quests, Part 4 – Troops. This guide explains how to use your finished trap account to win kingdom vs kingdom events.

Kingdom Battles

The whole purpose of your trap account has been lure high level players into attacking you. We achieve this by making enemy Jarls think you are much weaker than you actually are due to your low influence. Kingdom vs. Kingdom events will be the place where your trap account really shines.

Players in your own kingdom will soon find out that you are a trap and then start to avoid you. However, players from other kingdoms are unlikely to have heard of you. It’s during these events that we want to utilize our trap to score a large number of points and kills to top the leader boards.


If you have followed my previous Vikings War of Clans trap account guides you should be sitting with all of your trap related knowledge maxed, your infirmaries at max level and your troops ready for action.

Now you need to respec your heroes skill points. You can do this by using a second chance in line with the spec set out in part 2 of my trap account series. You will also need to buy/acquire the following items:-

  • A Great Relocation teleport.
  • A Return teleport.
  • At good supply of standard Relocation teleports.
  • A good supply of speedups.
  • A good supply of resource items

Just before the kingdom event starts send all of your resources in excess of your vault capacity to a shielded clan member not participating in the event. Make sure you keep a supply of resources below your vault limit as you will need to use these to heal your wounded troops.

Luring Players to Attack

The hardest part of playing a trap account is actually getting players to attack you. Many players are now wise trap accounts, so you need to play smart to get the kills. Remember we have built a solo trap account aimed at taking out single marches on your town. You need to avoid clan onslaughts at all costs i.e. put a peace treaty up if one approaches you.

Hero Gear

This is a difficult one because you want your Hero to be wearing your very best defense/health equipment during any attacks on your town. However, you really don’t want to be sat there in a full legendary battle set for all players to see!

This is where hero sets come into play. You create a hero equipment set for farming, with all your best farming gear on. You then create a separate battle set, which you will equip just before an enemy hits you. This way if a player checks your hero right up to the attack they will think you have either forgotten to switch your gear or are not online.


The second important factor for a Vikings War of Clans trap account is your location.

  • Main Hive – You can stay in your clan’s main hive and wait for high influence players to attack your clan. Make sure stay at the center of your hive to give you time to analyse an incoming attack. You should also get clan members to reinforce your town.
  • Alternative Hive – If you are in a top clan in your kingdom, then it’s unlikely you will get a lot of solo attacks on your hive during an event. Think about porting into one of your sub alliance hives, or a farming alliance.
  • Farming – By sending out a few marches with a low number of troops to resource tiles near your town, you may well attract some high influence players to attack your tiles. When the player ports in recall your troops immediately and you will find more often than not  they will go straight for your town.
  • Join a Clan Attack – Don’t think that just because  you have made a trap account, that you can’t go on the attack. If your clan is planning a strike on another clan, you can port in with them. In the midst of all the chaos players will almost certainly attack you, assuming you are part of the attacking force. This is my favorite trap account strategy.

What to do During the Attack

Once an enemy jarl is marching on your trap account, you will get a warning that troops are incoming. The first thing to do is check your Watchtower report. This will provide you with valuable battle information on the attacker’s troops.

You will have to assess what is being sent to you and make a judgement on whether or not you can take it. If you are worried then you can always throw up an 8 hour peace treaty at the last minute.

Healing Troops

Once the enemy hits you it’s time to check how many of your troops were sent to you infirmary. This is where your resource items and speed ups will come into play, to quickly heal your troops.

If the attacking Jarl has any sense they will now leave you alone. However, more often than not they will be worked up and hit you again, hoping they can take on your depleted army. This is exactly what we want and provided you can heal enough troops to free up your infirmary beds you will be laughing.

If you get close to your infirmary limit and don’t believe you can free up enough beds in time, put on an 8 hour peace treaty to give yourself a chance to heal.

Spotting a Trap Account

Just when you start to get the hang of playing a Vikings War of Clan trap account you suddenly find attacks are getting harder to come by. This is probably because many players are becoming wise to trap accounts and know what to look for.

One of the most obvious stats that show up a trap account is a very high Enemy Troops Destroyed count, coupled with a very high Warriors Healed in the Infirmary count. This is because most, if not all of your killed troops will end up in the infirmary which and will then be healed. 


That concludes my five part Vikings War of Clans trap account guide. I appreciate that there was a large game update since I wrote the earlier parts of this guide.  I will try to update the series for the new building levels, hero levels and tier 5 troops soon.

Please let me know how you get on with your trap account and leave any other tips you have in the comments section.

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  1. I send you guys an email yesterday about a problem with my game I lost a mix March to a resource tile of t3 and t5 it despair,if I don’t get answer from you guys am deleting this game and I will never play anything that it has to do with you or your company something about it.

  2. Using 200 percent speed march and relocating next to the target palace gives the target player 2 secs to respond against an attack. This isn’t enough to look at watch tower report and send a response. Thus, trap is nulified.

  3. I am working on my trap built and problems that I have right away are as follows:
    1. Learning Tree for the military takes for ever and with this built I don’t have an option to make a good invader killer to make some learning gear.
    2. Last chapter of this tutorial was never updated and I don’t know if the trap built can take a t-5 assault.

    Also, what if I don’t care if my influence is low and I want to create an account to do the traps so for example in the middle of KvK my shields would drop and attackers send their troops for either an espionage or just an attack. How can I be most effective with my trap in this situation? Please update the last chapter for new troop types.

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