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Vikings War of Clans | Guides | Resource Building Layout Guide

Vikings War of Clans Resource Layout

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For new players to Vikings War of Clans it can be difficult to know which combination of resource buildings to construct on the right hand side of the river. You have a choice of 25 empty tiles in which to build either Farms, Lumber Mills, Mines or Stone Quarries. This guide looks at some of the more popular farming setups.

Switching Setups

One key point to remember in Vikings War of Clans is not to be afraid to change your resource generating build as you level up. What’s good for you in the early parts of the game, will not necessarily be good in the later levels.

It’s relatively easy to destroy resource buildings and rebuild, allowing you to try out different setups, but it does require resources and time to do so. With this in mind it’s a good idea to plan ahead a little, so when you do change builds, you can do so with minimal resource loss.

Equal Resource Setup

An equal build involves building the same number of each farm type. You can fit in 6 farms, 6 lumber mills, 6 stone quarries and 6 mines in this setup, with one spare tile for what ever you choose.

Whilst this may seem like the a good idea when you are just starting out, its actually not very efficient at all. The reason for this is because it is very hard to boost your production for all four resources at the same time. If you concentrate on a single boost, you can stack it much higher and really ramp up your production for that resource.

More importantly is the soft cap on resource capacity. Once you hit this cap, all of your resource generating tiles stop producing. If you end up going for an equal build, you will hit this soft cap a lot faster, at which point all of your tiles stop producing.

Pure Iron, Stone or Lumber Setup

In this setup you build 22 lumber mills, or 22 stone quarries, or 22 mines. On the remaining 3 tiles you will need one of each resource building, as they are needed to upgrade the rest of your town.

I generally do not recommend this build for beginners, as it will put you in constant negative food production. This can make it very hard to upgrade, learn knowledge and train troops.

This build is however very good for alt farming accounts, or as part of a dedicated farming group in your alliance i.e. where four alliance members each specialize in a different resource production and share the resources between each other.

It’s not unheard of to get your production for a single resource to over 100 million a day, with a level 21 pure resource build.

Pure Food Setup

A pure food setup involves building 22 farms, 1 lumber mill, 1 mine and 1 stone quarry. This is a great build for the later levels when you have a large army to support. By boosting your food production you can support a huge army without going into negative food production.

Once you get into the higher knowledge and building levels, most of your resources will come from gathering. If you end up with negative food production, you will be constantly at zero food. Now consider how hard it will be to save up resources over a number of days for a specific upgrade. With negative food production, you could end up going to bed after a day’s gathering and wake up with zero food and have to gather all over again.

If you remain food positive, or even break even, food becomes just like the remaining three resources. You will be able to keep what you gather and at least make progress towards the next upgrade. A pure food setup makes you pretty much self reliant, but can be tricky in the very early game, when your army is small and therefore your gathering potential is low.

Balanced Setup

This is my preferred build for new players. You build 4 lumber mills, 4 stone quarries, 4 mines and 13 farms. This will give you decent food production, but also allows fairly good production and capacity for the remaining three resources.

A balanced setup will allow you to maintain a good sized army without going into negative food production and allow you access to the resources needed to upgrade your other buildings and knowledge. The other advantage is you can easily switch to a pure food setup by destroying only 9 buildings, to make way for 9 more farms.

You will probably want to switch out to pure food at around Palace level 20/21.


For new players the balanced setup is a great way to start out in Vikings War of Clans, providing you with scope to support a good sized army and without sacrificing too much stone, iron and lumber production.

Switching to pure food in the later levels will allow you to continue to progress through to the end game, without having to deal with negative food production.

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  1. I’m trying to find out how to tell what my capacity is ,,
    In palace I see the you have ,,, capacity mine,, capacity vault. But where is the number when my farms will stop producing,,
    We have a hyperfsrming system going and it seem we always have food so I’ve told the other not only does food grow faster but u can yield more and faster as well so we should focus on other rss,, I also was thing that you get food so easy that u don’t have to worrie about being in the negative ,, I’m always above 15 million and only loose a couple houndreds thousand a day,, no way I wake up to a empty food supply I have millions in each rss but food is like 20 mill the others are around 5 mill I need to find this soft cap so that I can figure our system our better thank u hope to hear a answer soon,,

  2. Great guide. Thanks for posting it.

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