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Vikings War of Clans | Guides | Town Layouts – Infirmaries, Barracks and Manors

Vikings War of Clans Infirmary

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I previously wrote a guide on different resource setups for your town in Vikings War of Clans (the buildings on the right side of the river). This guide looks at the different town layouts for your buildings on the left of the river.

Don’t be afraid to change your town layout

Whilst there are many different buildings you can construct on the left of the river, there are only three buildings which  you build multiple copies of. These are the infirmary, barracks and Manor.

Just like your resource buildings, the layout of these buildings will probably need change as you progress through the game. For this reason don’t be afraid of demolishing buildings and changing your set up at different levels. Whilst no one likes to waste resources and lose influence, some times it is necessary in order to optimise your town.

Remember that you need at least one of each type of building in order to progress through the game. After you have built one of each building (including 1 infirmary, 1 barracks and 1 manor) you will be left with 12 spare tiles to set up how you wish.

What do they do?

Before we talk about the different town layouts, let’s quickly recap on what each of these three buildings does:-

  • Barracks – allows you to train troops and increase your training queue. Note that it does not increase the rate at which you can train troops, just the number you can train in a single batch.
  • Manor – increases the speed at which you can train troops, increases the silver production of your town and your overall silver capacity.
  • Infirmary – increases the number of beds available for your warriors. This effectively lets you revive warriors that have been killed defending your town (at a cost of resources), or outside of your town (at a cost of gold). Reviving is also much quicker than training troops from scratch.

How many barracks should I build?

I usually start by working out the minimum number of barracks I can get away with for my level. This in turn determines the number of manors and infirmaries I can build. It’s important to remember that you only need enough barracks to make sure your training queue is full at all times.

The length of time required to train troops increases for higher level warriors. In addition higher level barracks allow you to have longer queues. Therefore the number of barracks you need to achieve 24/7 training generally decreases as your level increases.

To give you an example a level 1 troop takes 30 seconds to train and a level 2 troop takes 75 seconds to train. This means a queue of 1,000 level 1 troops will take  just over 8 hours to finish (ignoring training speed boosts). That same queue of 1,000 level 2 troops would take almost 21 hours to finish (again before boosts).

As your objective is to make sure you can train 24/7, you just need to make sure your training queue is long enough to allow you to log back in to train more troops before your current batch expires. Once you log back in you can reload your training queue without wasting any time.

What’s the ideal length? Well it my experience you want at least 8 hours, because most players will sleep for around 8 hours a night. If you find you login less frequently then you can increase your queue accordingly.

Going back to the above example, assuming you had four level 9 barracks (providing a training queue of 1,000), then for level 1 troops you would need to log back in every 8 hours before reloading the queue. Once you unlock level 2 troops you could cut your barracks in half down to two, allowing you to train 500 at a time, but still taking over 8 hours.

These figures are just for illustrative purposes. In reality your training boosts will reduce your timers significantly and you will therefore need larger training queues. However, the principal is still the same: only keep enough barracks to maintain 24/7 training.

If you find your queue lengths are getting really long (over 12 hours), then it’s probably time to destroy some of your barracks to make way for more useful buildings.

How many infirmaries should I build?

Once you have established the number of Barracks you need, the next buildings to look at are your infirmaries. The Infirmary protects a number of your troops from being killed after an attack. It very much depends on your play style, as to how many you will need.

If you have a peace treaty up most of the time, then you may need very few infirmaries as your troops will be protected (unless you are attacking). If on the other hand you leave your town unprotected for long periods of time, you will probably want your bed capacity inline with your troops, to protect them all against onslaughts.

At level 21 the Infirmary protects 20,000 warriors.

In the early parts of the game I like to build at least 4 to 6 infirmaries, so that if I’m zeroed by a player, a large number of my troops are protected. As your troop numbers increase, your infirmary beds become less important, to the point where you may drop down to a single infirmary at level 21.

The reason for this is because if you have an army of millions, you may decide there is little point in protecting 100,000-200,000 troops. The loss is going to be very painful, regardless of whether you lose 800,000 troops or 1,000,000.

How many manors should I build?

Now you have your barracks and infirmaries sorted, you can fill up the rest of your free tiles with Manors. Manors are arguably the most useful out of the three buildings, because they not only produce silver for your town, but also increase the training speed of your troops. Increased training speed = large army, much quicker!

Each level of your Manor boosts training time speed by 1%, up to 21% for a level 21 Manor. This boost stacks depending on the number of manors you have. e.g. Ten level 21 manors would provide a 210% boost to troop training speed.

Silver is also very important for learning knowledge at your oracle. As well as increasing the rate of silver per hour, the manor also increases your total silver capacity (the soft cap at which you stop generating silver for your town).

As strange as it may seem Manors are far more important to building a large army than barracks. At level 21 it is not uncommon to have a single barracks, single infirmary and 13 manors.

My preferred setup

You should now have a good idea of how many barracks, infirmaries and manors to build.

However, if you really can’t decide how many to build, then I generally use the following layouts:-

  • Palace 1 – 9 – 4 Barracks, 4 Infirmaries and 7 Manors.
  • Palace 10 – 20 – 2 Barracks, 5 Infirmaries and 8 Manors.
  • Palace 21 – Assuming a large army and enough gold to shield 24/7 – 1 Barracks, 1 Infirmary, 13 Manors.

For a trap account it’s exactly the same for levels 1 to 20, but at level 21 I switch to:-

  • 1 Barracks, 13 Infirmaries, 1 Manor.

The reason for this is for a trap account you want to maximise the number of beds you have to protect your troops from attacks.

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  1. Robert lajambe

    can you please tell me the amount of troops needed for a trap account? and should it be balanced troops? t1 t2 t3 t4 ?

  2. How to get good hack like you and your mates ?

  3. I’m confused about your explanation of the barracks setup. No matter how many I have, I can only train one group of warriors at a time, correct? example: If i start training mercs, I can’t train any other troops until they are done. I’m sure i’m just confusing something here, but could you explain a little more about barracks? Im at lvl 21 palace and looking to restructure. Im shielded quite often, so I’m thinking of going with your suggestion of 1 barracks, 1 infirmary and 13 manors. I haven’t looked into the update yet, but does it affect this structuring in anyway? Thanks. And thank you for posting all this info! much appreciated.

    • The barracks just increases the number of troops you can add to a queue. You can only ever train one batch of troops at a time.

      More barracks, just mean you can train more troops of the same type in a single batch.

  4. What trap set up would you recommend for level 22 against large onslaught ?

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