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Vikings War of Clans | Guides | Trap Account Part 3 Knowledge and Quests

Vikings War of Clans Trap Account Knowledge

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This is the third installment of my Vikings War of Clans Trap Account mini series. The last part covered Hero skills and Equipment, in this part I am going to look at quests and knowledge.

You will remember in Part 1 I mentioned that one of the most fundamental principles of a trap account is to keep your influence as low as possible. The reason for this is to make you look weaker than you actually are.

Nowhere is this more important than with quest completion and knowledge. You can add a huge amount of useless influence to your account by completing some quests and knowledge.

Trap Account Quests

You have probably noticed by now that quests reward you with, among other things influence and hero experience. You may also have noticed that tasks on the other hand do not award influence, but do reward you with hero xp – this is very important for your trap account.

The issue with completing quests is that this influence does not actually directly benefit your trap account. It does however help increase your Hero’s level and as discussed in Part 2 we do need a level 50 hero for our trap account.

This is a bit of a catch 22 – do you complete the quests getting your hero to 50 as fast as possible? Or do you only complete tasks and leave all the quest rewards uncollected?

The answer is not straight cut. If you want the ultimate trap account you will never collect a single quest reward period. You will level up your Hero solely with tasks, battles and possibly invader xp.

However, not every player is a min/maxer and for the rest of us we will probably want to complete some quests to help speed up getting to level 50, but we need to do it smartly.

These two top tips will help maximise your experience gain, but at the same time minimize your influence gains:-

  • Get your Hero’s Abode as high as possible before completing a single quest. The reason for this is that the Hero’s Abode increases the experience rewarded for all quests, without increasing the influence. This in turn means you will need to complete far fewer quests to get your Hero to level 50. In an ideal world you should wait until you have a level 21 Hero’s Abode before cashing in any of your quest rewards.
  • Check the rewards before collecting as not all quests rewards were born equal. What I mean by this is that some quest rewards have a disproportionately large amount of influence compared to xp and others a much higher xp reward than influence. You want to try to only complete the latter variety, maximizing experience and minimizing influence.

Don’t under estimate quest rewards! Quests can easily add millions of influence points to your account!

Trap Account Knowledge

If you thought quest experience was bad, it’s nothing compared to knowledge.  In Vikings War of Clans knowledge is the one source of influence that can truly destroy a trap account, forcing players that want to convert a regular account to have to start over.

We want to learn the absolute bare minimum amount of knowledge to keep our account as lean as possible.

The following is a list of what you will need for a T3 trap account:-


You could skip this tree completely although I tend to sink some points into Building, in order to help speed up levelling. The min/maxer however would not put a single point in economics.


Max the whole tree. Everything in the military tree will increase the strength of your troops and you will need all varieties of troop types in your trap account. Whilst an attacking account will specialize in one troop type, a defender needs to cover all scenarios and therefore this tree needs to be maxed.

For avoidance of doubt this includes the troop attack abilities, which do come into play even when defending.


This is a difficult one. Most players will want some kind of ability to scout other players, but more importantly you will probably want to hide the number of troops you are actually holding.

You can either max espionage and train enough scouts to try and hide your true number of troops, or you can hope that players will just go for you without scouting due to your low influence.

I’ll leave this up to you, but for the pure trap account you do not have to spend points in Espionage.


Training is probably the hardest tree to consider. There are A LOT of influence points in the training tree and whilst they will not benefit your trap account once it’s finished, it will make it a lot quicker and cheaper to train the troops you will need.

Again the hardcore trap account will skip this tree entirely. For the rest of us sinking some points into T3 troop cost reduction and training speed II will reduce the pain of building your army significantly.  I’ll leave this up to you to decide.


The only two useful abilities for a trap account in the whole of the invaders tree are: Troop Defense II and Troop Attack. The issue is these are pretty far down the learning tree and have a ton of prerequisites.

Unfortunately this is again down to player preference. If you want to go for these then spend the absolute minimum points needed to get there and to upgrade these abilities. Like all knowledge the major gains come from the last few levels, so if you go for it you will want to try to max them out.

You can however build a perfectly good trap account which will take a full T4 solo march without going for these abilities. Passing this tree by is definitely an option.


That should be it for your Vikings War of Clans trap account build. We have now covered Buildings in Part 1, Hero Skills and Equipment in Part 2 and Quests and Knowledge in Part 3.

I expect Part 4 is the guide most of you have been waiting for: Which troops you will need to train to take on a full T4 march?  Stay posted as I hope to get this up as soon as possible.

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