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Vikings War of Clans | Guides | Trap Account Part 1 – Buildings

Vikings War of Clans Trap Account

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Trap Accounts – Part 1 Buildings

In Vikings War of Clans a trap account is a specific build which aims to lure high level players into attacking your town. It works by making yourself look weaker than you actually are. This is a great strategy to win kingdom battles and gain a large number of kills.

I’m going to write a series of guides aimed at building a new trap account from scratch. Part 1 covers the buildings layout you will want in your town for your finished trap account.

Trap Account Basics

Before we jump right into the buildings, we first need to look at the goal of a Vikings War of Clans trap account. There are three main principals behind building a great trap account:-

  • Make yourself look weak by keeping your influence as low as possible.
  • Maximise your troop health and defense stats.
  • Maximise your Infirmary capacity.

It sounds simple in principal, but building a trap account does take quite a bit of planning and care. This is especially true with regard to the first point: making sure your influence is as low as possible.


Most players will judge another Jarl’s strength by their influence. It is the quickest and easiest way to compare different players. Therefore we will try to minimise our influence gain at every possible stage during the building of a trap account. Let’s recap on how we can gain influence and how to minimize it:-

  • Buildings – we only want useful buildings that benefit a trap account.
  • Knowledge – we only learn knowledge that benefits our trap account.
  • Hero level – we need a maxed level hero, so there is not much you can do here.
  • Troops – we need to build the minimum number of troops to take on a full T4 march.
  • Quests – we need to avoid collecting quest rewards where possible.

Out of the above: troops provide temporary influence i.e. you can destroy troops to reduce your influence. Buildings provide semi-permanent, as some can be destroyed, whilst others can’t. Knowledge, hero level and quests are permanent – you have no way to remove this influence. This means if you have already gained a large amount of influence from knowledge and quests which will not benefit your trap account, you may have to start over.


This guide assumes you are aiming for an end game trap account i.e. a level 21 Palace with tier 3 or 4 troops unlocked. With this in mind you need to be aware that until you have your level 3/4 troops, you will need to build and upgrade at least 1 of every building. This is because of the prerequisites needed to upgrade your town to 21. Once you reach this stage it’s time to look at restructuring your town.

Resource Buildings

The first step is to destroy every resource building you have and leave those tiles completely blank. Other than providing you with resources, your farms, stone quarries, lumber mills and mines will not contribute to your trap account’s strength, but they will increase your influence. Once you are at level 21 you will gain most of your resources from gathering and farm accounts due to the low soft cap on resource generation. Destroying these buildings will significantly reduce your influence.


You may need two or three barracks whilst you are building your army, but once you have the bulk of your troops trained you should go down to a single barracks. Being able to train more troops in a queue does not benefit a finished trap account.


Again, once you have finished your army manors provide very little benefit to a Vikings War of Clans Trap account. You should destroy all of your manors.


You want to fill the rest of your tiles with Infirmaries, there should be 14 free tiles in total. Infirmaries are key to a trap account in order to protect your own troops from being killed.
14 Infirmaries will provide you with 280,000 beds. Whilst your trap account will probably have more troops than this, the main aim is to survive a single full T4 march on your town.
280,000 beds should be enough to avoid any death on that first attack, leaving you ready to put up a peace treaty until you have time to heal your troops.


That’s it for the first part of my Vikings War of Clans trap account guide. You should now have enough info to start building your trap account and know what influence to avoid.

Check out Part 2 Commander Skills and Equipment.

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  1. Ronnie H. RHE Elkhatib Sr.

    Eric, i would like the chance to collaborate with you on this subject. I have developed a method of setting a landmine trap to take down large players. I tried it recently with some problems. Im lvl 16 and the attacker lvl 21. My influence is 2m while his was 92m. The strategy was very sound but I wasnt quite prepared as far as troop count. I can tell you more and provide ss. If you add me as a contact on LINE. My id is thor0dinson

  2. I’ve been pop holder here pretty much since the game came out. (K42) I recently had to surrender it. I’ve done much research and testing. Maybe we could collaborate ?

  3. For the people who have experimented with trap accounts. Is it better to make a combat troop trap or scout troop trap? Having low influence since it’s a trap account, would people even scout the town or are they more likely to just attack it first?

  4. Should I really destroy all of my manors? I mean the Manors give training speed up bonuses so I Think maybe it’s a good idea to leave just one?

    • Well the more beds you have the better. Once you have the same number of troops as beds, you don’t need to train anymore troops, hence no need for manors anymore. A trap account should not be your main account.

      I am going to try for my trap account about 275k T3 troops, 50k T3 troops, and the rest T1 troops. Then reinforce it with 500k T4 troops from your main. You don’t need to unlock T4 troops on trap in order to learn the defence and health knowledges and it will save LOTS on influence. 🙂

  5. OK so a dumb question being a total nube, if trap account is not your main account, what is the purpose of it.

  6. the site is blocked.

  7. Does the town you are trapping need to unlock t5?

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