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Vikings War of Clans Trap Account Troops

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Trap Account Part 4 – Troops

I was a little bit torn over whether or not to still publish Part 4 of my Vikings War of Clans trap account guide. As I was half way through writing it, Plarium decided to release a huge Vikings War of Clans game update. This added new troops, building levels and knowledge, which will mean all the data in this guide will be out of date as soon as I publish it!

However, having looked at the insane amount of resources and time needed to unlock tier 5 troops and the level 26 buildings, I believe this will still be relevant for most players. I will also try to update this with a T5 setup, aimed at defending a fully maxed out march under the new update as soon as possible.

Obviously there is the chance you might get attacked by a big spender with the increased march size and tier 5 troops, but I don’t believe that will be the norm for most players for some time.

This guide covers a trap account aimed at defending against a full solo march of T4 troops.

If you missed my previous guides: Part 1: covered buildings, Part 2: covered hero skills and equipment and Part 3: covered knowledge and quests.

What troops do I need to withstand a full T4 march?

When planning the troops you need to train for your trap account, you need to consider three things:

  • Which type of troops do you need to train?
  • Which tier of troops do you need to train?
  • How many troops do you need to train?

The goal will be to train the minimum number of troops you need to win against a full T4 march consistently, thus keeping your influence as low as possible.

Note that whilst you are training your army you should have a high number of manors to assist with training speed. Once you have your army you should switch to the infirmary setup recommended in Part 1.

Which type of troops do you need to train?

Whilst it’s true as an attacker you want to train a single troop type to maximize your damage from items and skills, with a trap account you need to balance your army across all troop types.

You should aim to train an equal number of Melee, Cavalry, Killer, Siege and Ranged. The reason for this is you never know what troop type an attacker will send and you will need to have all weaknesses and strengths covered.

As we have boosted the stats that apply to all troop types i.e. total defense and health, then your combat boosts will apply to the whole of your army, even with five different types of troop.

Which tier of troops do you want?

You can create a Vikings War of Clans trap account with any tier troops, but the key thing to consider is the influence granted for each troop level. This is because a trap account is geared to keep your influence as low as possible.

The list below has the troop health/damage compared to influence:

  • Tier 1 Troops – Strength 100 – Influence 2.
  • Tier 2 Troops – Strength 169 – Influence 8.
  • Tier 3 Troops – Strength 235 – Influence 24.
  • Tier 4 Troops – Strength 300 – Influence 48.

Just looking at strength we can conclude that 1,000 T4 = 1,277 T3 = 1,775 T2 = 3,000 T1. However, when you look at the amount of influence each of the above armies provides it tells a completely different story:-

  • 1,000 T4 = 48,000 influence
  • 1,277 T3 = 30,648 influence
  • 1,775 T2 = 14,200 influence
  • 3,000 T1 = 6,000 influence

You can see that the higher the tier, the more influence your army is going to have for the equivalent strength army in a lower tier. In fact the equivalent T4 troops have 8 times the amount of influence of a T1 army!

T1 are therefore the best troops for a trap account.

How many troops do you need? 

Finally you need to consider the number of troops you need. As this is a trap account designed to take a solo attack on your town, the most troops you can expect to hit you are a full deployment of T4 (pre T5 update). With two march enlargement boosts you can get to around 300,000 troops in a single march.

The equivalent T1 army would be 900,000 troops, but you have to remember that the attacker will probably attack with a single troop type. They will have put all their boosts into that single attack stat. This means it will be much higher than your defense and health boosts.

I generally plan for your attacker to have roughly twice the attack stats that you will have in defense and health. This means all things being equal you need roughly twice as many troops defending as they have attacking.

So you want to aim for at least 1.8 million T1 troops, or 360,000 of each of the five troop types. This assumes that your attacker has maxed all of their troop knowledge and has a near perfect hero gear and skill set for attacking.

It also assumes you have the very best hero defense gear and skill set.  If you haven’t then it’s better to play it safe and go for 2,000,000 troops, or 400,000 of each troop type.

This will stand up against pretty much any solo attack in the game (before the latest update anyway).

Are there any advantages of higher tier troops for a trap account?

Yes. The main advantage is Infirmary beds. Your 280,000 infirmary beds will house 280,000 T4, but will still only house 280,000 T1.

Obviously you are much less likely to lose 280k T4, than 280k T1 in a single attack, which does mean you are more likely to have troops killed in a T1 setup than a T4.

If you go for a T4 trap account you would need 666,667 T4 troops to match your 2 million T1.

But now look the difference in influence:

  • 2,000,000 T1 = 4 million influence.
  • 666,667 T4 = 32 million influence.

4 million vs 32 million is a huge difference in influence for the same strength army. When added to the rest of your trap account influence from buildings, hero level and knowledge, it will mean you receive much fewer attacks on your town than a T1 trap.

Worse still you may even attract some onslaught attacks, which your trap account will not be able to handle.

As T1 are relatively quick and cheap to replace, it’s not really too much of an issue if you lose a few thousand.


That’s it for Part 4 of my Vikings War of Clans trap account mini series. I’m sorry that T5 troops and increased march sizes came out just as I was finishing the guide, but I will try to update all of my trap account guides to take account of the latest update as soon as possible.

Check out the final part of my trap account mini series: How to use your trap account to top the leader boards.

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  1. Would this strategy of t1s vs t4s/t5s work on a regular account? I think i would much rather have 23m less influence that opponents and them think I am not as much of a threat, and then smash them? I don’t ever use infirmary beds, my troops are always protected and resurrecting cost too much gold in comparison to training them and using boosts you already have. Any opinions?

    • It doesn’t work on attacking account because you are limited by your March size. So you really need a full March of T4/T5.

      Because a trap account is used solely for attacks on your town, your troops do not cost gold to heal and therefore using infirmaries is cheaper and much faster than training new troops.

  2. joe--->slave2Alicia

    Great Site Erik ! ! !
    One thing don’t see upcoming and discussed is New Hero Equipment…Uh Ohhhhh, stop the Press!

    Game Changer? Now what little Awesome Gear I Do have, is aGain In Ferior??? WTF???

    DO I Have to Stop Crafting and Start Saving AGAIN???

  3. How many troops would get killed against a full march? Would your infirmaries cover the troops lost? How long will you have to wait to heal said troops?

  4. How much tiers 1 I will need for stop full march of t5? Against town lvl26 with his all max limits on March size and all possible bonuses for attacking? Will Need about 5 milions t1?

  5. How many troops would be needed to take a t5 solo march? How many troops would be needed to take a t5 onslaught?

  6. I’m looking at close to 4.8M T1 each type, just extending the math, countering an 8M fully loaded march.

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