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Vikings War of Clans | Guides | Where to Find Materials (Full List)

Vikings War of Clans Materials

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In Vikings War of Clans materials are used in your Forge to craft equipment and can be found in six different qualities: Simple, Usual, Unusual , Rare, Epic and Legendary. The six quality grading system follows other similar games such as Mobile Strike.

Combining four materials of the same quality will create one of the next quality. Higher quality materials result in better equipment with higher stats.
Finding materials in Vikings War of Clans to craft your equipment can be tricky. Often you end up just needing one final material to craft your perfect weapon, only to spend weeks with every other material possible dropping, except the one you need! Persistence pays off.

In this guide I have put together a full list of exactly where you can find every material in the game. This is currently a work in progress, so if you find material drops which are not listed below, please note where you found them and we will update the list accordingly.

Where to Find Materials

Materials can be found in game in a variety of ways, including:

  • Completing personal, clan or premium tasks.
  • Gathering resources at a resource point.
  • Opening equipment coffers.
  • Killing or hitting invaders.
  • Gathering resources at an invader’s lair.

Out of the above, the only way you can influence what materials you find, is from gathering on resource points/invader lairs, or from attacking invaders.

Standard materials can be found on resource tiles, which allow you to craft standard equipment. Materials dropped from Invaders and gathered in Invader Lairs are used to craft invader equipment.

How to Find Better Materials

On resource points and invader lairs, the higher the level of the resource tile/invader lair, the higher the chance of better materials dropping.

For invaders, every hit or kill grants the chance for materials to drop.  A single hit offers the chance to receive a single material. A kill offers the chance to receive between 0 and 9 materials. Just like resource tiles, the higher the level of the invader, the higher the chance of getting better quality materials.

To increase the chance of getting high level materials from invaders further, you need a high level of sustained attack and high level of critical chance.

Complete List of Where to Find Materials

Below is a complete list of where to find all the materials currently in Vikings War of Clans. This list will constantly be updated as and when I can verify material drops. The list is split between Resource Points (for standard materials) and Invader hits, kills and lairs (for invader materials).

Resource Points

  • Cotton – Farmlands, Silver Altar
  • Debris – Lumberjack’s Shed, Silver Altar
  • Diamond – Iron Deposits, Silver Altar
  • Elixir – Farmlands
  • Feather – Farmlands, Lumberjack’s shed
  • Glass – Hewers’ Camp, Silver Altar
  • Granite – Hewers’ Camp
  • Hide – Lumberjack’s shed, Silver Altar
  • Lead – Iron Deposits
  • Leather – Farmlands, Hewers’ Camp
  • Rope – Farmlands
  • Steel – Iron Deposits

Invader Hits, Kills and Lairs

  • Ancient Stone – Barbarian
  • Arrow Shaft – Khazar
  • Arrow Splinters – Hun
  • Bear Bones – Man-eaters
  • Bear Grease – Man-eaters
  • Boar Pile
  • Broken Quiver – Hun
  • Bronze Bars – Centurion
  • Bull Sinews – Barbarian
  • Canis Bone – Canis
  • Canis Claw – Canis
  • Canis Fangs – Canis
  • Chainmail Piece – Khazar
  • Clay – Celt
  • Cliff Rock – Cave Lion
  • Clover – Celt
  • Copper Ingot – Celt
  • Dog’s Bone – Hounds
  • Durable Leather – Cave Lion
  • Forest Moss – Man-eaters
  • Forged Steel
  • Fossils
  • Fur Cloth – Hounds
  • Fur Tuft – Canis
  • Green Scale
  • Gypsum – Centurion
  • Iron Awl
  • Iron Chain – Barbarian
  • Item of Armor – Khazar
  • Laurel Leaves – Centurion
  • Leather Strips – Centurion
  • Linen Fabric – Centurion
  • Lion’s Wool – Cave Lion
  • Oak Bark – Man-eaters
  • Oak Planks
  • Old Belt – Hun
  • Old Claw – Cave Lion
  • Piece of Felt – Khazar
  • Poisonous Teeth
  • Poleaxe Blade – Celt
  • Raw Leather
  • Reddish Blood
  • Resin – Barbarian
  • Rough Bristle – Man-eaters
  • Rusty Spikes – Hounds
  • Serpent Poison
  • Serpent Tongue
  • Sheepskin – Barbarian
  • Silver Casting
  • Smashed Shield – Hun
  • Steel Chain – Hounds
  • Steel Plates
  • String – Celt
  • Strong Sole
  • Tendon – Canis
  • Thin Leather
  • Torn Cloth – Hun
  • Tough Bowstring – Khazar
  • White Sand – Cave Lion
  • Worn Leather – Hounds


The following is a list of confirmed gem drops:-

  • Agate: seige offense – Celt
  • Alexandrite: stone production – Canis, Man-Eater, Khazar, Celt
  • Amber: march speed – Canis, Khazar
  • Amethyst: lumber production – Man-Eater, Huns
  • Beryl: troop capacity – Barbarian, Huns, Cave Lion
  • Emerald: hero energy regeneration – Canis, Khazar, Hounds, Huns
  • Garnet: scout offense
  • Jacinth: killer offense – Man-Eater, Hounds
  • Jasper: silber production – Man-Eater, Hounds
  • Lazurite: iron production – Barbarian, Cave Lion
  • Opal: cavalry offense – Barbarian, Cave Lion
  • Peridot: hero energy capacity – Barbarian, Canis, Man-Eater, Khazar, Cave Lion
  • Rhonodite: melee offense – Huns, Celt
  • Ruby: total health – Canis, Khazar, Hounds, Huns
  • Sapphire: food production – Barbarian, Man-Eater
  • Spinel: range offense – Canis, Khazar, Hounds
  • Tourmaline: troop defense – Barbarian
  • Topaz: resource yield speed – Barbarian, Hounds, Cave Lion

Please help us to update the list, by leaving details of your Vikings War of Clans material drops in the comments section below.

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  1. Joel Valentine

    Canis Bone
    Canis Claw
    Fur Tuft
    Canis Fangs

    Cave Lion:
    Durable Leather
    White Sand
    Lions Wool
    Cliff Rock
    Old Claw

  2. Joel Valentine

    What each gem does

    Agate: seige offense
    Alexandrite: stone production
    Amber: march speed
    Amethyst: lumber production
    Beryl: troop capacity
    Emerald: hero energy regeneration
    Garnet: scout offense
    Jacinth: killer offense
    Jasper: silber production
    Lazurite: iron production
    Opal: cavalry offense
    Peridot: hero energy capacity
    Rhonodite: melee offense
    Ruby: total health
    Sapphire: food production
    Spinel: range offense
    Tourmaline: troop defense
    Topaz: resource yield speed

    Gem rank:
    Simple: 1%
    Usual: 2%
    Unusual 4%
    Rare: 6%
    Epic 8%
    Legendary: 10%

    Gems come from premium tasks, and invaders.
    Here is a list of invaders and with possible corresponding gems







    Cave Lion:

  3. Mang Du Phuder

    Hun: Smashed shield, Arrow splinters, Broken quiver, Torn cloth, Old belt.

    Barbarian: Iron Chain, Sheepskin, Ancient stone, Resin, Bull sinews.

    Hounds: Steel chain, Worn leather, Rusty spikes, Fur cloth, Dog’s bone.

    Man-eaters: Oak Bark, Rough Bristle, Bear Grease, Forest Moss, Bear Bones.

    Cave Lion: Durable Leather, White Sand, Lion’s Wool, Cliff rock, Old claw.

    Centurion: laurel Leaves, Bronze Bars, Leather Strips, Linen Fabric, Gypsum.

    Khazar: Chainmail Piece, Tough Bowstring, Arrow Shaft, Item of Armor, Piece of Felt.

  4. Celt: Clover, String, Poleaxe Blade, Clay, Copper Ingot

  5. Mang Du Phuder

    Celt: Clover, String, Pollaxe Blade, Clay, Copper Ingot.
    Alexandrite, Agate, Cotton, Hide, Rhodonite, Leather, Feather

  6. Celts yield the following gems:

  7. Serpent: Poisonous Teeth, Fossils, Green Scale, Serpent Tongue, Serpent Poison

  8. Serpents- Topaz, Amber, Lazurite, Garnet, Ruby
    Hides, diamonds

  9. I have been farming a lvl 5 invaders lair, where it shows the material i might get is epic or otherwise, is there a specific method to farm them, i tried in bits and pieces and sometimes the entire tile in one go..but maximum i got was a simple lvl material.. Any help is greatly welcomed..


    • I also had that experience, seemed to get better items from the invader rather then the lair afterwards.

    • Noticed the same thing until I started doing single hits in a series. Once I started to hit them with the 75% bonus and hit them with a critical hit I noticed better Gems and materials started dropping. I think the level of what is dropped is related to the percentage amount your hit takes from the Invader. Any one else got anything to add that might help?

    • Bring hero to farm

  10. Received Topaz (rss yielding speed) from a hit on a Hun

  11. This is what I’ve gotten so far for hits on Serpents:

    Fossil, Poisonous Teeth, Serpent Tongue, Green Scale, Serpent Poison,

    Granite, Hide

    Gems – Amber (March Speed), Rhonodite(Melee Offense), Lazurite(Iron Production), Topaz (Resource Yeilding Speed), Garnet (Scout Offense)

  12. Gascon: Forged Steel, Thin Leather, Silver Casting, Strong Sole, Iron Awl.

    Rope, Spinel, Steel.

  13. Is it better to gather resources from farmlands of invaders lairs? I’m talking about ressouces like rope, diamond…

    • In my opinion it’s better to collect those items from farmlands etc for these reasons following:
      1. It takes longer to collect from lairs.
      2. The lairs don’t seem to be item specific so random what you would get item wise.
      3. Going to higher level farmlands will give you a better chance of getting higher quality Elixer for example. But not certain on lairs as they are more about the Invader gear items.

  14. Anither question is how many troupes do you recommend sending on a ressource points in order to maximize drop chances? I notice that I would drop more when sending 200k of troups compared to sending 50k four times (to minimize troups loss if I get attacked). I would like to know your thoughts.

    • Hmm, depends on what you aim for. Just lots of items or better quality items.
      If you just want to collect lower level items i send minimum of 129k capacity of troops for regular drops.
      But for better quality items your best to send enough to empty the resource point from full.
      For example a lvl 6 resource point gives out a legendary item about 1 for every 8-10 full resource tiles emptied.
      Troop type has no effect on the result.

    • Sir Freedinhand

      Not wise to send sooo many troops. More than once I have obtained Epic materials by just sending 3k troops with hero of course. You stay safe and yet can still reap great stuff.

  15. I would love to attach screen shots here. It seems that I can receive up to 15 materials in one hit on invaders. Not sure why you say it’s nine above. I have received more than nine often. Also, rope, elexire, glass, diamonds, and various regular drops on invaders as well as invader materials. Reply how to post screen shot if able

    • The 0-9 items is for destroying an invader, but I think you can get more too. So say you did a multi attack of 5 and this killed the invader you would get 5 for each hit and maybe 10 for destroying the invader. Or is your 15 a normal hit?

  16. I got a feather from a L6 Silver Alter

  17. I just got a tourmaline from hounds

  18. Is it better to make 5 single attacks on an invader or 1 attack of 5 hits? I would guess the first one for better efficiency to kill the invader but not sure about the drop chances? If you make an attack of 5 hits, you only get 15% bonus. Where as if you make 5 single attacks you will get 75% bonus…
    Also do you know which invader drops elixir and steel? Such table would be interesting! 🙂
    Great page!

    • The invader hit type really depends on your purpose. If I was doing a fighting invaders competition I would say multiple attack as greater chance of a critical hit I believe. But if you are after that invaders materials then I would go with the single attack as the better drops are connected to your percentage of series or sustained attack bonus or having a critical hit.
      Some like to do a combo, say it takes you 10 single marches to kill an invader you might do 2x single and 2x 4 multi attack. Doing it this way can reduce you total energy usage as you are getting some sustained attack bonus.

  19. So after 10 lvl 5 Barbarians, I am quite positive that they do not drop tourmaline. They did, however, drop a massive amount of Beryl’s and Opal’s. I will be sure to try them on the hounds as someone else has mentioned.

    I would like to add that Garnet is the primary drop of boars.

  20. Just got tourmaline from a barbarian on a final kill hit.

  21. WILD BOAR:
    boar pile
    oak planks
    raw leather
    reddish blood
    steel plates


  22. Got a rare piece of glass from a lvl5 lumberjack’s shed today

  23. I have lists of what gems drop from which invaders. Each invader drops 6 gem types also have documented which gems drop most frequently for those invaders if interested.

    • could you please publish here or somewhere?

    • Has anyone documented which standard items/materials are most frequently dropped? I have played different characters and after your town reaches lvl 25 the material you need seems to no longer appear. For example, it took me 6 weeks of draining iron deposits, buying task refreshers, killing invaders, and praying to Loki to find/combine to a legendary diamond.

  24. Opal and Lazurite dropped by Celt

  25. Got Elixir from silver point

  26. I have been hitting hounds enough to get epic gear but only 3 simple garnets what is up with that?

  27. Can an invader lvl 5 drop legendary items?

    • Ive heard it is possible with a really high critcal chance and your sustained attack bonus at max. But i havent had it happen to me yet.

    • Yes they can i got a legendary green scale (serpent) at 450% sustained attack. Have a screenshot of it also…

      • Yes!!! I attacked invaders lvl 5 and dropped me a legendary cotton and many legendary gems. My problem is I destroy an invader faster than I want lol

  28. They will drop Legendary gems and mats on occasion, I’ve gotten several. The hit bonus really helps. You up you hit bonus by increasing the Sustained Attack category. The highest I’ve gotten is 525%. I assume it will go higher once I unlock lvl 6 invaders. The lvl 5’s are usually dead before I can get it that high. The hit bonus really increases you chance of a critical hit which in turn drops a greater prize.

  29. what do Gascons drop?

  30. Garnet – Scout Offense – Serpent

  31. Is there anyway to send pics of information? I have few spreadsheets that may help.

  32. Do you only drop material (elixir, diamond…) when farming with your hero on farmlands and such? Or is the hero not required?

  33. How long tell serten invaders come back to the map is this randomized or times I want the serpents to return

  34. Its completely random. I kept track for awhile have since stopped. Heres what i noted of invader appearances.

    1. Hounds- Invader equipment set: Scout Offence, Scout Defence

    2. Serpents- Invader equipment set: Range Offence, Range Defence

    3. ?? Huns- hero xp, march speed, Total health, Total defence, training speed, Cavalry Defense

    4. ?? Gascon- Invader equipment set: Cavalry Offence, Cavalry Defence

    5. Cave Lion- Invader equipment set: main stat (March speed), total health, total defence, killer offence.
    Peridot gems for energy regeneration

    6. Wild Boar-Invader equipment set: Balanced Melee Offence/Defence, Range Offence/Defence, Cavalry Offence/Defence

    7. ?? Khazar-Invader equipment set: Hero’s Experience, Range Defence, Training Speed, Food Production, Total Defence, March Speed

    Hounds Again 🙂

    ?? Celts – Invader equipment set: Melee Offence, defence, health and learning speed, silver production

    Centurion -Speed of march, yield, learning. troop capacity and total defence.

    Serpents- Range

    wild boar Melee Range Cavalry

    Barbarian – Invader equipment set: Stone production, Energy Regeneration, Total Defence, siege offence, building speed (boots and amulet), march speed.

    Gascon – Cavalry

    Huns – hero xp, march speed, Total health, Total defence, training speed, Cavalry Defense


    Theres been about 6 or more invaders since i stopped.

  35. Hey lady Sakura my email is u can email me the spread sheet please and thx ?

  36. William Velazquez

    how we get enamel?

  37. Line ID: jk_e

    Saracen: opal, topaz, tourmaline, jasper, peridot, lazurite

  38. Royal Guardsman Primary:
    Rivets, white leather, cap, cast steel, armor elements
    Alexandrite, rhonodrite, ruby, tourmaline, agate, beryl

    Lead, debris, steel, elixir, garnet

  39. Found granite at silver altar

  40. What gems do you use for knowledge learning and building, please.

  41. Northern Vulture

    Chainmail Scrap
    Vulture Feather
    Leather Trim
    Short Shaft
    Fine Leather



  42. Tourmaline has only Barbarian.? Thanks

  43. I got the following from the Uber Invader Avarin

    Chainmail Piece
    Leather Strips
    Arrow Shaft
    Poleaxe Blade
    Armour Elements
    White Leather
    Item of Armor
    Copper Ingot
    Tough Bowstring
    Cast Steel
    Piece of Felt


    Smoky Quartz

    Other Stuff

    Wax Seals
    VIP points

  44. no listing for Taaffeite all troop offense. Anyone know where to get this?

  45. Pict Uber invaders drop:

    Saracen invader pieces
    Canis invader pieces
    Hound invader pieces
    Serpent invader pieces

    Coal, Wax seals, VIP points, Gold

    Pyrope- +Killer Defense
    Smoky Quartz- +Melee Defense
    Taaffeite- +All Troop Offense
    Zircon- +Scout Health
    Rose Quartz- +Killer Health
    Spessartine- +Melee Health
    Aquamarine- +Learning Speed
    Rubellite- +Siege Defense

  46. indicolite gems for building & aquamarine gems for learning

  47. Also ad on WIld Boar: Torch

  48. I would like to know where to find the gem “Aquamarine” I thought you had to kill Uber Invader but I’ve killed 6 already which took a long time and expense and no Aquamarine. Any one please advise.

  49. Killed level 2 wild boar (on 11th hit iirc). Got 11 items after death (where applicable, they were all simple).

    top row: glass, hide, spinel, beryl, amber
    middle row: amber, feather, leather, oak planks, 33000 stone
    bottom row: [blank], [blank], 3 minute booster, [blank], [blank]

  50. (To craft a new piece of equipment, you need to add a peice of corresponding quality to the slot)
    I have face this problem for crafting stronghold equipment

  51. But now i want to know something
    To make invader gear, hit royal guardman
    Offence gear, hit saracan
    Defence gear, hit lynx
    What about other invaders
    I’m just in begging

  52. please hack viking:war of clans

  53. In the list of gems, garnet may come I think with serpent, lynx and wild boar.

  54. Need help with runes could we add to this list also please

  55. Ghost runes can we list these please

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