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Vikings War of Clans | Buildings Level 26, Hero Level 60 & Tier 5 Troops

Vikings War of Clans Update Building Level 60 and Hero Level 60

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Huge Vikings War of Clans Update!

This is probably the biggest update to Vikings War of Clans since the game was launched.  I’ve tried to cover the main features below, but we still have a lot of buildings and learning to do before we have all the details.

Highlights include:-

  • Tier 5 troops released – The Executioner, Fanatic, Huntsman, Cutthroat, Polybolos and the Faceless.
  • Hero level cap increased to 60 and lots of new skills added.
  • Building level cap increased by 5 levels to 26 across the board.
  • Loads of new knowledge added to the Oracle.
  • Hero Sets released.

Tier 5 troops

Six new troops have been added, one for each class. Each troop needs to be unlocked first via your Oracle. The warrior requirements vary between a level 22 to 25 oracle, depending on the troop type.

Tier 5 troops have 22% more attack, defense and health over their tier 4 counterparts. This roughly translates to 5,000 of the new tier 5 troops being equivalent to 6,100 tier 4 troops.

Hero level cap Increased to 60

Ten more hero levels have been added, allowing you to level your hero up to level 60! With the new levels an extra 214 skill points will be available to spend in Vikings War of Clans.

If you were wondering what to spend them on, then take a look at your skill tree and you will see a whole host of new skills available.

The new skills include: health, offense and defense boosts for specific troop types, along with new building and learning boosts. Other new additions include warrior training boosts, a boost to your onslaught offense and an increase in the number of troops you can send in an onslaught.

Building Level Cap Increased to Level 26

We don’t have all the data yet for the new building levels, but we can tell you that the new level cap for all buildings has been increased to 26.

This means more production rates and capacity for your resource buildings, more troops added to the training queues of your barracks, more infirmary beds, more knowledge and larger march sizes to name just a few.

Stay posted as we start to update the data in our buildings section and please feel free to help us out by leaving data you have collected in the comments section for the appropriate buildings.

New Knowledge Added

As well as adding the knowledge needed to unlock tier 5 troops, there is a whole host of other new knowledge abilities to learn.

I’ve broken down some of the abilities below:-

  • Increase troop offense, troop health and troop defense only during attacks – 15 levels each.
  • Increase troop offense, troop health and troop defense only during defense – 15 levels each.
  • Increase the troop number in an onslaught – 10 levels.
  • Unlock Executioners, Fanatics, Huntsmen, Polybolos, Faceless and Cutthroats.

For the time being there are no new abilities in the training tree to reduce the cost of the new troops.

Hero Sets

Hero sets are a brand new feature that can be activated in your Hero’s Abode. A hero set is effectively a preset build for your hero that you create, defining equipment and skills. Activating a Hero Set will instantly equip your Hero with the saved equipment and skills.

This allows you to quickly switch between defense and attack builds, or economic and invader builds. You can unlock additional hero set slots with Memory Points. Memory points can be purchased for gold in the store.

Each additional hero slot in Vikings War of Clans requires an increasing amount of memory points to unlock.


This is a long awaited Vikings War of Clans update for players that have maxed their buildings, knowledge and hero level. The race is now on to increase your level before the next kingdom battle, in order to get the edge over your opponents.

If you have any details of the new building levels, or knowledge please let us know in the comments below.

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  1. It is a great game but a whole lot of glitches for sure plarium is one of the slowest companies to get back to you

  2. Nice update, hero set is awesome thing

  3. joe--->slave2Alucia

    One thing I would Desperately like to see fixed is the LAG after launching an attack or March…the more troop types in it the longer the LAG….SOMETIMES I STARE AT LAUNCH SCREEN OVER A MINUTE B4 I can Again See my City !


  4. Level 22 is 7.6 mil food 15.4 mill lumber 6.1 mil iron & 15.4 mill stone

    though i do have build cost reductions in hero skills.

  5. At times I noticed above the Oracle a gold ring with fire in the middle, (best way to describe) What is that for?

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