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Vikings War of Clans Warriors

Below you will find details of each warrior in Vikings War of Clans, including the knowledge cost, build cost, training time and the troop stats.

Level 1 Warriors

Level 2 Warriors

Level 3 Warriors

Level 4 Warriors

Level 5 Warriors


  1. Hello.I want to know about combat mechanics.Please Help.

  2. When I send troops on a March, for silver, for example.
    I have six types of troops trained but only 5 are available to March.
    Why is that?

  3. Hello,
    is there a way to protect troops ? as catacombs in Stormfall, for instance.
    ty 🙂

  4. So I can’t find any info here about this, but I’m wanting to know how it works when you reinforce a clanmate. I recently reined a lower level player (I’m lvl 21 with 49 hero: he was lvl 9 with lvl 10 hero) cuz he was being attacked by another lvl 19 jarl. He kicked my ass with no effort or sweat and I cannotfor the life of me figure out how unless this is one of those jacked off games where it’s pointless to rein lower players cuz you assume their stats since you’re defending their palace?? Anyone know??

  5. How do we set defences to protect uor troops when being hit?

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