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Vikings War of Clans | Warriors | Mangonel

Vikings War of Clans Mangonel

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Mangonel are the level 2 siege warriors in Vikings War of Clans. They are strong against melee and range, but weak against cavalry and killer.

Mangonels are powerful siege capable of crushing the defense of the most powerful fortress.

Mangonels have very high load capacity, but are the slowest moving units in the game.

The tables below show the knowledge cost, stats and troop build cost for Mangonel.


Stone  37,500
Food  37,500
Iron  28,500
Wood  37,500
Coin 90,000
Time 2d 12h
Influence 4,500
Req. Nomads
Type Siege
Upkeep 2
Influence  8
Capacity 12
Speed 3
Attack 169
Defense 169
Life 169
Strength Melee 50%
Range 25%
Weakness Cavalry 25%
Killer 50%
Unit Costs
Wood  100
Stone  100
Iron  75
Food  100
Coin 5
Training Time 1m 15s

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